our story


The heart of Field & Flower was born on a 50-acre farm north of Toronto that I once called home. This is where I re-discovered my human need to be surrounded by nature, animals and to embrace the simple, gorgeous pleasures of life. The farm nurtured my thoughts, visions and dreams. It was the perfect influence that inspired my journey in connecting with my authentic purpose.

After moving back to Toronto, I felt disconnected, and emotionally lost without the rolling fields I looked up to, the wild flowers I could smell from my kitchen and the animals that showed me unconditional love.

The retail concept of Field & Flower is to provide you with a space to escape to, and a space to re-discover yourself. Stocking locally crafted products that will soothe your senses, comfort your heart, and warm your home. Little reminders that life feels good.

We hope to provide a soft reminder that the beauty you desire to radiate, and the love and peace you’re searching for is already in you, and wherever you wander, it always will be.

At Field & Flower we are full of gratitude, love, and with open arms we welcome you into our new home.


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